Wind Turbines

I first wrote this back in 2003 before I had seen a lot of wind turbines. At that time I thought they were not so pretty in nature. I still am not convinced that they are that pretty. But I know they are good for the environment now and that they will save a significant amount of fossle fuel when used in a reasonable way. Since I went off the Monford, Wisconsin a few years ago, I have seen extensive wind farms in Spain, Germany, and California. They do look mechanical, but they also make efficient electricity.

Montfort, Wisconsin

South of Pamplona, Spain

Wind turbins are in many places in Europe. These line a ridge southwest of Pamplona. They do not significantly alter the look of the area and they take advantage of strong prevaling winds.


California harvestes wind on a grand scale. These wind farms are in the valley north of Palm Springs, inland from Los Angeles.

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