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PM Travel World, Petra and Mike's Travel World, is a concept Petra and I berthed one evening in a hotel in Panjim, Goa, India, while recovering from a horrible overnight bus ride from Pune. PM Travel World is the home of our writings on travel in both the physical and the spiritual realm. I use the singular on purpose because the more you travel on this physical ball we call the earth and the more you meditate on and think about it, the more you realize it is one with the spiritual we often speak of separately.

This site is about the physical-spirit world we live in. Because it is that, it is sometime hard to decide where to put a particular item we have to share. So we ask your patience when you are looking for something and do not find it immediately where you thought it might be. Look around a bit and you may find other interesting things on the way to what you are seeking.

We still are not settled on how this will look when we are all done with reorganizing and adding new things. The listing below shall suffice as I simplify the main home page and then get down to making changes here to better show the fleshing out of PM Travel World. So for now here is what we have to offer you.

  • Travels and travel writings currently about pilgrimage, Spain, Eritrea, Sicily, Italy, India, Germany, and Ethiopia.

  • Writings on many subjects from trivial to deeply spiritual.

  • Photography listings pointing to many examples of my photography scattered around this site.

PM Travel World could also be divided into Spiritual and Physical with the various parts of the above subjects divided and listed separately according to category of content. But as of now I am leaning towards keeping physical and spirit together to avoid separating them more than the near-sighted society we live in already divides them into unreal separate realities.

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