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Walking with Awareness
Learn about pilgrimage and visit Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ancient Axum, Spain, and Sicily through pictures and text. These first-person accounts take you through highways and byways to give you a flavor of the history, culture, people, and places.

  • WalkingEast describes our two-year pilgrimage walk from Califorina across North America and then across southern Europe until Petra broke her leg south of Genoa, Italy. That only slowed us. We finished with a bus tour from Cairo through the Siani and Jordan to Jerusalem.
  • As you read about the pilgrimages we have walked you can walk with us as we tell you of our 2003-2004 Camino de Santiago pilgrimages and in Spain and our 2006-2007 pilgrimage to Rome. You can also learn about the seminars and slide shows we give about walking and pilgrimage at our Walking with Awareness site.
  • Sicily's Historic Coasts is a book about Sicily and its history. It recounts my month-long visit in there 2000. My Sicily in 2000 page tells you a little about what I did while traveling that month in Sicily. You can also see a few pictures of Sicily on the Photography page.
  • Ethiopia: Travels of a Youth is a book describing people and places in Ethiopia and Eritrea during the late 1960s when I lived there with the US Army. This book has over 75,000 words and 440 pictures along with 11 videos and 11 sound tracks (with over 60 minutes of music). Click here to read some of its text and sample some of its pictures. It is in CD-ROM format.
  • Pick up some history of Ethiopia watching Axum: Coins and Places, a video on the coins and places associated with ancient Axum, an ancient Ethiopian power center.
  • The Italian-Eritrean Railway and Tramway is a web site dedicated to the railroad and a no-longer-existing aerial tramway in Eritrea.

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