Dr. Phil

How's that working for you?

These are some of the things I gleaned from Dr. Phil during the year. I suspect several of the other quotes in this group of esseys are tainted with "Philisms" from Dr. Phil's matrial. But these were clearly marked as coming from him. Oprah slingshot him into super-pop-guru this year. His current show suffers from sometimes shortness of viable subjects. Nonetheless he is the phenomenon of the year and has a lot of practical insight in spite of that.

I am not "just a" anything. I must always be willing to look at new, old, anything. I cannot define myself with a label. I must find my internal truth.

Allow your vulnerability and weaknesses to show through. We are all weak in some ways. Just remember that you can use these weakness without being subservient and dependent.

Know and embrace your passions. They are your core. They make you blossom.

What are the truths you believe about yourself when no one else is looking?

What is the cost to be where you are.

Never color inside the lines of someone else's expectations.

Follow your vision.

The window where you came from.
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