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This page is an experiment, an attempt to report little things that just don't seem to warrant a full page here on Works and Words but for some reason seem significant enough to be written up on this site. So I shall try it out. If you have any comments or questions, as always you can contact me via our Query page. Enjoy.

It is 11 September 2012, yes 9/11, but it is also Ethiopean New Year 2005. That aside, I do not know what I will do with this page. I will think about it. In the meantime, if you run across it know that it is in neither construction nor destruction, nor in active use.

3 Sept 2008 I am almost done my book on our pilgrimage walk from Germany to Rome, Germany to Rome in 64 days: Our Pilgrimage. I am waiting for the latest copy to come from After a few changes, it should be available to you right here and at

One year ago today we flew out of Germany for the US. In Feb 08 we moved into this hot place called Paso Robles, CA where we live now.

But we plan to walk from here across the US and Europe to Jerusalem starting in December. Look here and on for details as we solidify them. Perhaps we will invite you to join us for some sections.
14 May 2008 Five years ago today I walked between Estella and Los Arcos on the Camino de Santiago and one month later into Santiago. That walk was the beginning of a new life.
14 May 2008

As I looked over my site statistics this morning and see the various places linking into my site I was amused to find that an Arabic site is using my pictures of Palermo. Others use my pictures here and there. It is just amusing to see my pictures on pages with an entirely foreign alphabet. I can transliterate it a bit. But it is really different.

While on the subject of different languages, a Polish site of Krzysztof Rozmus has translated my entire page Some Camino de Santiago Insights into Polish. That looks about as odd as the Arabic. Eastern European languages are so foreign looking to me.

14 May 2008 I am done with the first draft of my book Our pilgrimage walk from Germany to Rome. Look for it to be available in mid to late summer.
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