Our home in Kisslegg, Germany, 2005-2007

We lived in Kisslegg, Germany, from May, 2005 to September 2007. The following pictures give you some flavor of that time.

We were based in Kisslegg for a bit over two years.
Hello from Petra und Mike. Hallo von Petra und Mike.
Dec 2005.

We moved into this Kisslegg house in July 2005.

Click here to hear and see our neighbor's sheep and to hear our neighborhood cuckoo from our upstairs window. There really are cuckoos in the wild in addition to in the clocks.

Our house was the one with the pointed roof in front of the schloss (the Earl's Castle). It was actually in back since this was looking across the lake from the back.

Our home.
Our house and the fall trees in late October.

From below the deck out back.

The living room and dining room just in from the deck.

View of Kisslegg from the southwest.

View from the west. Our house was across the lake at the right end of the lake. Petra is behind our car along the road.

South of town it looks like this in October.

This is also a good sample of a view south of town looking back north towards Kisslegg.

When you go up the hill north of town and look back south over the town to the Austrian and Bavarian mountains
this is what you see on a clear October day. But rumor has it that they look a lot better in winter.

And then winter came.
Und dann kam der Winter.

On a clearer day with snow now.

Sunrise at 7:50 out our bedroom window.

Across the lake out of our dining room window.

The sheep out back also looking out of our dining room window.

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