The Individual

Give the dark night of the soul a big hug and utter a big "Yes" to it all, both the light and the dark sides. It's all part of your unique oneness.

This section explores concepts that concern the individual and his/her interaction with creation, with societies.

Every individual is a unique manifestation of some base pattern of its species--some are closer to the ideal and others farther from it. But this "ideal" base pattern is really a collective agreement of a particular group, society, or tribe, not something real, something with a separate existence. To some beauty is perfect curves, to others, a big nose, to others, a small nose, to yet others, a flat nose. In reality each individual is whole and complete in him/herself whether on not s/he meets some collective specifications because those specifications are external to the person and in no way formative of the person's wholeness, completeness, beauty, or goodness. In fact, all these words are invalid judgments imposed from outside the individual--invalid because they impose arbitrary external rules on an essentially unique manifestation of a created and creative being--a unique and perfect being in him/herself. And as a unique being it is both the most beautiful and most ugly manifestation at the same time. Thus both "beauty" and "ugliness" become meaningless concepts. So though we have been placed in a species based of broad similar characteristics that include body form and ability to procreate, we are each unique. And so we must approach each new encounter as a truly unique encounter and opportunity to observe a new aspect of the source of all, the God within and without. We are all one yet we are each unique, all part of a whole yet each unique manifestations of that whole.

There is nothing wrong with "checking out" on society. A recluse's, a monk's, a vagabond's life is just as much a life as that of a bishop, a president, a bread winner, a social worker. Life is a living process, not a social mandate requiring specific steps and ritual. Some societies require the latter, but life does not. There are as many paths as there are wayfarers.

Remember you have a dark side. Do not shrink from it. Listen to it. Use it. But don't let it rule you. It is only one part of you.

Give the dark night of the soul a big hug and utter a big "Yes" to your whole self, both the light and the dark sides. It's all part of your unique oneness.

The problem as we get older is that we tend to degenerate into the more static ("safe" and "comfortable") codes and modes instead of continuing to try new ones that may promote new discoveries and new living opportunities. And while the "statics" of the world condemn the "dynamics" for instability and too many changes, the "dynamics" condemn the "statics" for complacency and for never trying anything new. In the end the question is: do you want safety and uncertainty or adventure and uncertainty? Either way the sky could fall on you tomorrow--or at 100. I opt for adventure--full speed ahead. Damn the safety helmet, the safety net, the safety belt. Use them, but don't rely on them. They fail too. In fact, make the word "fail" meaningless because even "failure" can offer new insight for farther positive change. In all activity, even death, there is movement, there is transformation. I am not saying change for change's sake. No, just don't be afraid to change much more often than you are usually inclined to change. Sometimes just changing is the best thing to do. Change for changes sake sometimes works wonders.

There is a strong tradition in humanity of people living alone whether as ascetics, hermits, spinsters, or mountain men (and women). So, contrary to many lures of societies, it is not an unusual tendency to want to live alone. Nor is it a pull from the dark side to want to momentarily mix with others but then turn on your heals and move to a place of aloneness. It seems to be the call of churches and church-based societies and Hollywood to insist on life-long coupling between two people. There is no reason to beat yourself up because you want to move out on your own--nothing says you must stay coupled, nothing beyond custom and an over-zealous desire to remain "safe," to make someone else "safe," to have someone else to share old age with, to now do a good job and then have a pension. All of those things can only take care of themselves because there is no way we can assure their happening. What is close and familiar is safe and easy, even if there are rough spots. Dare to cross over into the unknown. Dare to experiment with the new. dare to create something new. Make creation happen.

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