Glossary and Dictionary

Use this appendix to find the meaning of Eritrean and Ethiopian terms that are used throughout this book. Some entries not otherwise appearing in this book are here by association with others in the list.

This appendix does not include links to the text because many of the words are in several places in the book. If you find something you want to read more about, look the word up in the Index to see where it is used.

Many words in this list are Tigrinyan or Amharic and not directly identified as such. When they are of another language and I know it, I identify them to their language.

Father, a name title.
Flower as in Addis Ababa, the "New Flower."
Ethiopia. Abyssinia was used extensively until the middle of the twentieth century. Ethiopia is the preferred name now.
New. as in Addis Ababa, "New Flower."

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