Do it Now

Fly the kite
of your desires
and joys.

A beautiful evergreen once stood alone near the road behind a house. I passed it every day for five years. I always wanted to photograph that tall sentinel guarding the corner of East Sandwich and Chicago Roads. A telephoto from far down the road across the cornfields would have made a marvelous shot.

Then one day I did not see it as I drove toward its corner. They had cut it down.

I had put off photographing it. "It will be there tomorrow."

. . . I never photographed it. It was no longer. It will never be again.

Don't put off what you want to do in your heart. Do it now. Do it now or you may never be able to do it.

Paso Robles, California, has some nice trees but they will never be that tree at Sandwich and Chicago Roads.

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