Metras Reunion 9/17/2011
on Dadís 100th Birthday

On September 17, 2011, what would have been my fatherís 100th birthday, several members of his surviving family and descendants got together at Tammy and Alex Benitezís, his granddaughterís. He died at 71-1/2, many years earlier. But at Martyís initiation and tireless work it all happened. Here are some pictures I took of the gathering. But first three of dad, Lawrence (Tom) Metras.

Dad holding Tammy (the same) in our back yard in 1971.

Dad in 1976 as he retired at 65 from the Woodstock Die Casting where he worked for 25 years.

Dad in 1979 walking up from his garden at home with some tool in hand.

So now letís get down to the pictures of those at the reunion. First the principles.

Seven roatating images of Marcia, Marie, Cork, Marty, Mike (I couldn't decide on one). The surviving siblings minus Edie who was not able to attend. Jake died in 1985 two years after Dad.



Cork and Marie. Are you trying to say something, Cork?



Marcia again.

How did I get so many good shots of you, Marcia?.

Marie is back.

Alex and Petra took care of the cooking.

Cooking activity.

Marcia, Marie, and Marty as we began to line up for the posed pictures.

Marie! Itís happening over here.

The lineup is starting to take shape. But you have to get over here too, Petra.

Ok, you can look at me, but you are supposed to be looking forward.

Cork pushed the button so he has to run now. The rest of you better look forward or Cork will have to push the button and run again.

Hi everyone.

The photographers.

Oh, Tammy is there photoing too.

So are we all together now? No Petra is still working with those brats.

Marciaís family members that were there.

The cooks watch over the scene instead of the stove. Watch my brat.

Cork and Dianeís daughters (and d.Ėin-law), Betsy, Tanya, and Chelli.

Cork and Marty.

Corkís family with in-laws.

Petra, the brats, and I.

Seems Marie and her kids. Eric was not there.

Marie, kids, and grandkids. Aha! Marie does take off those sunglasses. And when she does she looks a lot like Edie.

Thatís it. I took nothing else that is not a repeat of what is already here.

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