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March, 2007
Elgin Coin Club 50th Anniversary - 1957-2007
Year 14, Issue 3

Award Winning Newsletter

Meeting 7:30pm, Wednesday, March 7
Talk and trading 7:00-7:30pm
VFW, 1601 Weld Road, Elgin, IL

Not a member? Come and join us anyway!
Give your spouse a break and bring your children to the club.

March Program

This month's program will be a White Elephant auction. Also, please bring in any advertisements posing as articles for show and tell.


February Minutes

ECC Meeting 587
Opened:   7:30     Closed:   9:00
Members:   15     YNs:   0
Guests:   1         
Beginning balance:   $177.50     Income:   $134.00
Expenses:   $85.00     Current balance:   $226.50

Doug called the meeting to order at 7:30. The Secretaries and Treasurers reports were accepted as published. Old and new business was discussed and show and tells were given. We then went into the month's program, which was a general trading and discussion session. After the program, raffle tickets were sold and winners selected. The meting adjourned about 9:00 pm.

Secretary's Report

Accepted as printed in the February's newsletter.

Treasurer's Report

Balance:   $112.83
The report was accepted as published.

Old Business


New Business

We are making plans to give a one-hour seminar on coin collecting at Elgin Community


We had our customary raffle and membership drawings. The winners were:

Board Meeting

On February 14, Don, Shea and Eagle met to discuss club business and select prizes for the March meeting.

Show and Tell

Jim D. brought in a pair of Iraqi new dinar notes, 25,000 and 10,000 face value worth about 27.50 U.S. He also brought in the 2007 set of state quarter notes.

Eagle showed a $5 silver certificate dated 1934-b, five consecutive numbered $100 bills and a strip of steel from which 1943 steel cent blanks were punched.

Don C. showed a $5 star note and a $5 note dated 1950-c.

Lucky brought in some miscellaneous foreign notes from Bulgaria, Israel and French Indochina.

Steve H showed an illustration of Canadian Devils head notes.

Tim T. brought in an ad from Parade showing how someone can obtain a set of 7 Sacagawea dollars just by paying shipping costs.


The new presidential dollar "coins." Last month the U. S. Mint released the first in a series of dollar coins depicting every deceased president. The new coins, struck on blanks identical to the Sacagawea dollar, are an artistic disappoint-ment. The obverse features a portrait, the name of the president and the years served in office. The reverse is somewhat better has a nice depiction of the statue of liberty, the words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and $1. All other legends are stamped in the third side of the coin, the edge. They consist of the words liberty, in god we trust and the date and mintmark. The overall impression of the coin is that of a token or medal not of a real coin. The relief is shallow and indistinct especially on the obverse. That and the coin's alloy which tends to tarnish poorly, make for a very unattractive coin. The only reason I see for this coin to exist is to cash in on the popularity of the state quarter series and to give the mint another opportunity to make a profit from collectors and cover their losses in making 1 cent and 5 cent coins.

Elgin Coin Clubs 50th anniversary meeting. At the last board of directors, meeting the officers present selected the September 2007 meeting as the official 50th birthday of the club. Plans are still being made on how we will celebrate this milestone. The coin sets will be available to members at that meeting and anyone who has any suggestions on what to at that meeting please let us know at the next meeting.

Gold plated coins, the racketeer nickels of the 21st century. Last month, while searching through a roll of nickels, I came across a gold plated 2005 bison nickel. Although people have plated coins for years it has been in the last few years promoters have marketed them in mass quantities for sale to the public. Sets of these coins are regularly featured on coin home shopping shows. The most popular coins used are the westward nickels and state quarters. Despite what the pitchmen claim it only takes a few cents of precious metal to plate a coin. Like modern day Josh Tatum's these guys are taking common coins and making a lot of money passing off altered coins to the public.

Internet search of the month

Elgin Coin Club

These days you can find just about anything on the internet, both good and bad. I decided to try to find out what information about the Elgin Coin Club is out there.

For this experiment I chose two search engines to look through, Google and Yahoo! Search. Both sites yielded about the same number of "hits", about 350. In internet terms, this is a tiny number as some searchers can yield 20 to 30 million "hits" or more.

The first responses direct the searcher to the clubs web page either through Mike M's or the clubs old website address on The next level of search listed many sites that as part of their site have links to the internet. One of the types of links is organizations, particularly collectors' organizations of which the Elgin Coin Club is one of many. The types of sites featuring clubs are other coin club sites, major numismatic organizations, local and state governments and numismatic businesses.

Some of the other ways the club can be found on the internet is information site, some of which use quotes from this newsletter. There is one site featuring a doctoral dissertation by Richard A. Bassett of Pace University. In his dissertation, he examines the possibility of using computer programs to assist in grading coins.

Both search engines have a section for photos with the yahoo site containing over 100 photos relating to the club. Most of the photos, taken from this newsletter illustrate coin and collectables although there are several photos of club members.

Finally as I was searching, at the half way point the listings stopped. The search engine stated all other responses are more of the same ones listed earlier. I had the option to check them out but decided against it. So if you want to find out for yourself what the world thinks of the Elgin Coin Club go to your browser and type in "Elgin Coin Club" and let your mouse do the walking.

Coin Quiz

  1. What five states will be depicted on quarters in 2007?
  2. What is the most recent circulating us coin to have a date depicted in roman numerals?
  3. What was the last silver us coin struck for circulation?
  4. What year was the Elgin Coin Club founded?
  5. Who designed the 1982 Washington half dollar?


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  1. Washington, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Utah.
  2. 1776-1976 dollar on reverse
  3. 1969-D half dollar
  4. 1957
  5. Elizabeth Jones