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June, 2002
Year 9, Issue 6

Award Winning Newsletter

Meeting 7:30pm, Wednesday, June, 51
Talk and trading 7:00-7:30pm
VFW, 1601 Weld Road, Elgin, IL

Not a member? Come and join us anyway!

Give your spouse a break and bring your children to the club.

June Program

White Elephant Sale

Bring in stuff to raffle to benefit the club.

Also, bring in any new Show and Tell.

There will be a sign-up sheet I will have at each meeting for anyone wanting to give a short talk on how they got started in coin collecting.


April Minutes

ECC Meeting 532 - May 1, 2002
Opened:   7:29     Beginning balance:   $174.76
Closed:   8:49     Income:   $99.00
Members:   25     Expenses:   $67.80
YNs:   2     Current balance:   $207.87
Guests:   0         

President Mike Metras called the meeting to order at 7:29.

We had no visitors, so Jim and I gave a short talk on how we got started in coin collecting.

We had our customary show and tell.

We then started our monthly program of grading coins. A number of certified and uncertified coins were passed around and each of us was asked to quickly assign a grade to each of the coins. We then discussed what grade we thought the coins were and why we choice that grade.

Member History

Jim C. got started collecting around 10 or 11 years old when a friend of his invited him over to fill up some Whitman folder with Lincoln cents his father has in jars. They got them pretty well filled and the rest was history.

From that point he started visiting some of the coin shops in Elgin.

He then proceeded to compile a complete Walker Half and other sets. Then one day he bought a bunch of old Canadian coins from a shop in Elgin for a quarter, turned right around and sold it one of the coins for $5.00. He then realized that there was money to be made in buying and selling coins.

He has since sold his Walker set and now is more or less a dealer. But he still enjoys looking at coins. His personal collection is medals.

Frank S.--I first got start in coins at the age of seven. I was working delivering groceries outside an A&P and received a 1922 Canadian cent. I showed it to a butcher in the meat department and he traded me for a 1955 D uncirculated Washington quarter and another quarter. I still have the 1955 quarter.

I didn't get serious into coin collecting until about 1975 when my father split his partial Washington quarter collection between my brother and me. My brother not being too interested in the historic value of the coins sold them to me. I guess that was my peaked interest in collecting.

Since then I have purchased the proof sets, mint sets and commemorative coins the mint has put out.

My favor coin is the Morgan Silver Dollar that I have concentrated on for the last 10-15 years.

Secretary's Report

As printed in May's newsletter and accepted.

Treasurer's Report

Balance: $207.87.

Old Business


New Business

Roger told us about his hour long talk about coins on the radio. Where people call with questions about coins they had and what they may be worth. Roger also put a plug in for the club. Also Elgin tourism bureau has put out an advertisement which has the Rovelstad sculpture on the front.


We had our customary raffle and membership drawings. The winners were:

The meeting closed around 8:40 P.M.

Submitted by Frank Schlapinski, Secretary.

Board Meeting

Mike, Don, Doug, Jim and I, got together at Don's Wednesday night at 7pm Apr. 17th. Among other things we discussed the following.

This month's grading topic. Please only bring no more than two coins you want to have graded.

We decided on monthly raffle and member prizes.

We bought coins for the monthly raffle and membership drawing.

Again, it's not too early to apply for a table at our annual show on October 27th.

Submitted by Frank Schlapinski, Secretary.

Future Meeting Programs

Show and Tell

Mike M.--Sun coin - 1897 Indian Rupee, 3 large coins special made for the 1000th Chicago Coin Club (one Silver, one Lead and one Silver with gold inlay).

Jim D.--1919 one Rupee which was made from melted down Morgan dollars.

Reid G.--A couple of elongated cents with the World Trade Center on them.

Don C.--4 cameo dollars he has been carrying around in his pants pocket for the past 10 years. An Eisenhower Mint packet with a finger print on the coin inside. 2 Connecticut medals with ships on them.

Don D.--Two contemporary counterfeit Livonia copper solidus coins. One dated 1650 and one dated 1649 or 1659. From Suchawa in Moldavia, issued in the name of Christina, 1632-1654. Struck on misaligned roller dies. The 1650 coin was punched slightly off center, the other about 100%. Livonia was under Swedish rule at this time.

A Solsona, 1641, Menut or Dinero. One of about 18 locations that issued coins in the name of Louis XIII during the French occupation of 1641-1642.

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