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March, 2002
Year 9, Issue 3

Award Winning Newsletter

Meeting 7:30pm, Wednesday, March, 6
Talk and trading 7:00-7:30pm
VFW, 1601 Weld Road, Elgin, IL

Not a member? Come and join us anyway!

Give your spouse a break and bring your children to the club.

March Program

Member Auction. All proceeds go to the seller. Rules for the auction are below.

Also Greg G. will give a short talk on how they got in to coin collecting.

There will be a sign-up sheet I will have at each meeting for anyone wanting to give a short talk on how they got started in coin collecting.


February Minutes

ECC Meeting 529 - February 6, 2002
Opened:   7:30     Beginning balance:   $794.60
Closed:   9:24     Income:   $176.00
Members:   25     Expenses:   $597.00
YNs:   1     Current balance:   $373.60
Guests:   1         

President Mike Metras called the meeting to order at 7:30.


Reid G. gave very enlightening talk on error coins. I was amazed at all of the things wrong that could happen to a coin during the minting process. I will try to have a write-up of his talk for the March meeting if you would like a copy.

Member History
Don D.

About 40 years ago, more or less, my girlfriend used by buy cigarettes out of the machine and I don't know if they were 25 cents or 30 cents but anyway there were 2 or 3 cents inside of the package so she would put them in a bowl.

One night I was waiting for her to get ready and I stated looking through these and I thought "gee, I ought to get one of these albums and see how many different coins she had". So that's how I started.

So I moved into other things - there was a place called The Shore Gallery on West Devon in Chicago and about once a month they'd have an auction. I started going to them - I was interested in the Lincoln's and Indians but there was some guy there that had more money than brains and always wins. He was bidding on everything I wanted. So when you go to an auction and have a certain amount of money you want to spend and I wasn't spending it. Well there were quite a few lots of large cents nobody was bidding on so I bid on them and got a bunch of those. So I got into the large copper coins and then time went on and I kind of lost interest.

Then when I was in Buena Aires in 1994 there were a lot of coin dealers there - there were 13 of them downtown - and there was a place called Park Riva Dottie (sp?) and they have all the best dealers get together on Sunday afternoon so I started buying large copper coins.

I hit on the idea of what I wanted which was a date collection; from the earliest possible date which was 1481 to the present - 1 coin for each date and try not to duplicate any of the hidden identities but I do have to because of there are more places that have issued coins than there are dates. I've got somewhere around 650 different coins in my collection. So far, though, I don't even have a complete century. The closest I have is the 19th century but not quite.

Secretary's Report

As printed in February's newsletter and was accepted.

Treasurer's Report

Balance: $373.60
The Treasurer report was accepted.

Old Business

Last month we asked to have the show number given to Frank to publish in the Newsletter to have an official statement of what we made at the show.

Mike M. made up some flyers to put up around Elgin. Mike will put them up at some schools. Basically it says "The Elgin Coin Club invites you to join us at our monthly meeting to learn about coins on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:30 for a formal meeting at the Elgin VFW Post and a formal talk and program with some aspect of coin collecting, membership prizes, coin raffle. Come and share your love of coin collecting with others".

New Business

We bought a 2-1/2 dollar gold piece for the Super Raffle because it jumped out in front of us at a very reasonable price instead of the $5.00 we talked about last month.

Advertising Guidelines for Jack - what I wrote up was an item basically saying what our guidelines were for advertising in the Elgin Coin Club newsletter. There are 5 paragraphs describing what it is and also an actual hard copy letter to give to those who advertise. You can go through Jack or through President Mike. But we now have something actually printed and if you want to come and read it, it's here. Before it was always sort of in nebulous we didn't know where it was.

President Mike will print the super raffle tickets and have them available for this month's meeting.

If anyone has not paid their dues, now is the time to pay them.

We had a note in the board meeting notes last month about putting ads in the newsletter - we used to be able to do that. I want to remind everybody it's available to put ads there. It should be short and to the point. We do not want this to be a dealer place to sell a whole bunch of coins; rather it's for members to sell member coins. I know some of our members are dealers but rather it's a limit of up to 3 coins per member. If you have things you want to sell or are looking for something get that information to Frank.


We had our customary raffle and membership drawings. The winners were:

The meeting closed around 9:24 P.M.

Submitted by Frank Schlapinski, Secretary.

Board Meeting

Mike, Jim, Don and I got together at Don's Wednesday night at 7pm Feb. 20th. Among other things we discussed the following.

We went over the membership mailing list and made a list of members who have not paid their dues for 2002 and decide to include a note to those members indicating that this will be their last newsletter unless their dues are paid.

We decided the order of this month's meeting will be as follows:

  1. Member history (10 min. max).
  2. Show and tell.
  3. Auction.
  4. Break to sell raffle tickets and settle up the auction transactions.
  5. Meeting minutes.
  6. Membership and raffle drawings. *
  7. Close.

* If someone has to leave early and asks, we can switch the business meeting and raffle drawing.

We bought coins for the monthly raffle and membership drawing. Mike will be looking for a CC Morgan Dollar to purchase for the member Super raffle.

It's not too early to apply for a table at our annual show on October 27th. We have decided to include an application in this month's mailing. If you or a dealer you know wants to fill out the enclosed form and bring or mail it to the Club. [Webmaster's note: If you are viewing this online and have any questions or want to reserve a table, contact Don Cerny, show chairman, at 815-888-1449.]

Submitted by Frank Schlapinski, Secretary.

Future Meeting Programs

Show and Tell

Greg G
A week ago Greg G. had the opportunity to visit the Carson City mint and they still use their #1 press to mint medallions for the state commemorative series so of course I grabbed a brochure and made a copy so if anyone is interested I'll pass these out you can fold it up and have your own brochure. And I also bought some statehood medallions and they just got a little picture of the press on the back of it and the Carson City mint mark. I thought they were kind of neat. I've been to a couple of different mints in the country over the years ......... map state museum and they've got a lot of the geology of the state of course a big silver and gold mining state, it's called the silver state. The brochure had picture of Virginia Truckee Railroad. The oldest saloon in Colorado operating since 1850. I collect Southeast Asian stuff and this is an opium tail that was coined in possibly Hanoi; there's some conjecture about it. It was used for the opium trade in the golden triangle in that area. Vichi French government that was in power in French Indochina at the time was running out of ____________. Opium was a really good wartime commodity since the opium farmers are hill tribes on top that's just one Chinese silver tail or yang which is one Chinese ounce which is 36 grams of an ounce.

Don D.
A Valencia 1610 Dinerillo (Eklund says these are rudely struck and clipped).
The Obverse: Bust, PHILIPPVS. D.G.
Reverse: Fleur-de-lis, VALINCIA 1610
Attributions: Eklund 185, Neumann II 14789, Calico 744 (Listed in Scott's Standard Coin Catalog No. 2 1913 edition at 0.75 in good). Phillip III (1598-1621).

A Barcelona, 1653 Ardite
Obverse: Bust divides A - R
Reverse: BARCINO CIVL, 1653, arms on diamond shaped field.
Attributions: Eklund 99, Krause 7, Neumann II 14608, Phillip IV (1621-1665)

An Aragon, 1710, Miaja (Dinero)
Obverse: Bust, PHILIP V DG
Reverse: Circle with crowned head in each quadrant ARAGON (OM?), 1710
Attributions: Calico 1742, Phillip V (1700-1746)

An Ibiza-Balearic Islands, 1686, 12 Dineros (Suldo)
Obverse: CAR.H.HISP.REX.ANO (N retrograde)
Attributions: Eklund 200, Neumann II 14755, Charles II (1665-1700)

Davy J.
Found a Barber Half in a roll of half dollars from the bank.

Clayton H.
Here are a couple of buffalo nickels with split planchets to the best of my knowledge they actually fit together. When the planchet breaks apart it is very rare to have both halves. I bought these from two different people. A copper nickel Indian cent and a 1794 silver dollar.

Mike Metras

Went to sonny Henry's auction I bought a couple of bills and both bills were printed the same year: a 3-cent fractional currency note 1864 and that same year in February a confederate note of 50 cent which is also a fractional note.

A set of Euros - except the 2 Euro coin for Italy I won in a raffle at the Hillside Club.

Auction Guidelines

Many of you are long time members so this is old hat for you. But we have a lot of new people; so here are the things you should take into consideration as you buy and sell coins at your club auction.

Please consider this: We had several avoidable problems last September. We have to ask you all to follow the auction rules more closely in the future by waiting until the end of the auction and then first pay for what you bought and then after all have paid, come and collect any moneys you have coming. In other words, if you are going to take part in the auction, you must wait until the end of the auction to pay and receive payment. If you want to transact something before the end of the auction and exchange money before the end, you must remove the item from the auction before it is auctioned and conduct your business in a private transaction. We cannot allow any direct payments to sellers for items already sold in the auction--if it's sold in the auction, payment must go through the club. We can make this work; we just have to have more order than we had last September. Thanks for your understanding.

So here are the procedures in a bit more detail.


All buyers, after the auction, come up and promptly pay for the coins you have bought. Please do this quickly so we can get the money to the sellers. Thanks.


Please follow these steps to set up your lots and receive your payment after the auction. The particulars may be slightly different at the actual auction, but these are the basic ground rules.

  1. If you made a list to publish, come to the auction table and pick up the now-numbered list and labels for the lot numbers.
  2. If you have coins to sell that have not been published, fill out the form on the back of last month's a sheet with number, item description, and minimum bid along with your name and bring it to the auction table where we will give you lot numbers and labels. All coins must be listed and have lot numbers so the auctioneer and his helpers can identify your coins.
  3. Write the lot numbers on the labels that we gave you and paste the labels on each lot.
  4. Bring the coins back to the auction table where we can lay them out for viewing. If you are not comfortable leaving them at the auction table, you can keep them with you until the actual sale.
  5. Give the lot list to someone at the auction table. We will use that lot list to record the prices you get for your coins.
  6. After the buyers have paid for your coins, we'll call you to come up and receive your money for your coins. Please give us the time to collect the money first so we can make this go smoothly. We'll do this as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Addendum to the January, 2002 minutes

The following items are added to the January, 2002 minutes.

Show Committee

Mike asked Don C and Jim D to get the final numbers for the 2001 Coin Show to Frank S so Frank could make a final, official statement of the numbers in the newsletter.

Don C. talked about making a medal to commemorate the 40th ECC coin show. A motion was made and seconded and the club voted to have a metal. Don will research making the metal.

Mike M discussed having a Good-For-$1 bill for the show to be sold at face value at the show and be redeemable during the show at dealer tables. The club would then redeem any bills brought back to it. A motion was made and seconded and the club voted to make the bills. Mike M will create the bill and Frank S volunteered to make color copies once the note is created. The note will include vignettes relative to Elgin.

Old Business

The club did not vote make a commemorative medal for Doug N for his nine years service as President. Rather, we thanked Doug for his nine years of service and told him we would have a medal for him next month.

We thanked Don C for his work on the Christmas Dinner and put out a request for someone else to chair this event next year.

Mike M got the name of the members who do not have name tags and will make tags for them by the next meeting.

We invited members once again to attend the board meeting at Don's.

New Business

We talked about the programs for the year and added Don Dool's talk on copper coins in October and a program on grading in May to be chaired by Mike M.

We discussed the advertisers in the Newsletter and on the Internet and Jack M volunteered to chair the effort of signing up advertisers and collect the fees. Mike M said he would get the guidelines to Jack.

We discussed ways go get new members, both young and older. We decided to make fliers and place them in stores and schools around Elgin and nearby towns. Mike M will make the fliers and have them here by the next meeting.

Roger B brought up and we discussed and agreed to have members give a short talk about how they got started collecting coins. We agreed to have to have two members a meeting and to limit the talk to around ten minutes. A sign-up sheet was passed around and several signed up.

After discussion, the club voted to have a Super raffle in July with prizes being a $5 gold coin, a CC Morgan dollar, and a proof silver eagle. Jack M volunteered to donate the silver eagle. Thanks Jack.

We discussed what we should do about National Coin Week (NCW) this year and Roger B said he would look into getting on the radio show again. Dave J volunteered to help with NCW if someone else would work with him. No one else volunteered. We tabled NCW for the time being.

We discussed and agreed to give out an ANA Education certificate along with a silver eagle to speakers for our programs this year. Don C volunteered to donate the silver eagles. Thanks Don.

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