November, 2001
Year 8, Issue 11

Award Winning Newsletter
Meeting 7:30pm, Wednesday, November 7
Talk and trading 7:00-7:30pm
VFW, 1601 Weld Road, Elgin, IL
Not a member? Come and join us anyway!

November Program

White Elephant Sale.

Bring in stuff to raffle to benefit the club.

Also, bring in any new Show and Tell.


October Minutes

ECC Meeting 525 - October 3, 2001
Opened:  7:45     Beginning balance:  $267.85
Closed:  8:30     Income:  $  69.00
Members:  21     Expenses:  $190.00
YNs:  1     Current balance:  $146.85
Guests:  3        

President Doug Nelson called the meeting to order at 7:45.

Secretary's Report

As printed in October's newsletter and was accepted.

Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer report was accepted.

Old Business

There was none.

New Business

Roger stated that the Pioneer Memorial statue will be dedicated during the month of November. [Webmaster: Actual date now announced as Nov 11.]


At 8:05 we broke to have our customary raffle and membership drawings. The winners were

The meeting closed around 8:30 P.M.

Submitted by Steve H., Secretary.

Board Meeting

Doug, Jim, Mike, and Don got together at Don's Wednesday night Oct 17 at 7 PM for the monthly board meeting of the Elgin Coin Club. Among other things, we discussed and decided on the following items.

We went over the current mailing list for the newsletter and culled out some no-longer-active names.

We paid our ANA membership.

Jim reported he has received a bit over $200 back from ticket sales. Please remember to bring your ticket money and tickets to the show. If you cannot make the show and have tickets to turn in, please get them to an officer before the show.

We received a bill for the post office box and Don will pay it.

We chose the prizes for the November meeting listed on page 1.

Submitted by board member Mike Metras

Show and Tell

Reed brought in a large cent circa 1857 with the head cut out (Copperhead).

Frank brought in a 2001 Formation of the Union quarter set.

Don showed three copper coins with two of them from India dated 1740 and 1770 and one from Milan dated 1736.

Show Notes

Don will be at the show site around 6am Sunday before the show. He says that helpers can arrive any time but after 7am is early enough.

Dealers can probably set up any time after 7am.

Jim will still be accepting donations for the YN auction until the time of the auction.

Please remember to bring your ticket money and tickets to the show. If you cannot make the show and have tickets to turn in, please get them to an officer before the show.

Help request: If you are at the show and can help at the front table for a while, please consider it. Whether you help for an hour or two or you can only give ten minutes so someone can take a short break, we'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

Any questions? Call Don at 847-888-1449.

Remember to set you clocks back before you come. You can use that extra hour sleep.

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