October, 2001
Year 8, Issue 10

Award Winning Newsletter
Meeting 7:30pm, Wednesday, October 3
Talk and trading 7:00-7:30pm
VFW, 1601 Weld Road, Elgin, IL
Not a member? Come and join us anyway!

October Program

Tentatively a friend of Dennis K. is going to give a talk on ancients. If he is a no-show, Mike Metras will give a talk on obsolete US currency.


September Minutes

ECC Meeting 524 - September 5, 2001
Opened:  7:40     Beginning balance:  $362.85
Closed:  8:30     Income:  $  72.00
Members:  21     Expenses:  $167.00
YNs:  0     Current balance:  $267.85
Guests:  1        

President Doug Nelson called the meeting to order at 7:40.

Secretary's Report

As printed in September's newsletter and was accepted.

Treasurer's Report

Balance: $267.85
The Treasurer report was accepted.

Old Business

23 to 24 tables sold with 8 available of our annual show. Flyers were given out for distribution by members.

New Business

Start to think of officer nominations.

September's meeting program

At last month's meeting Jerry gave a talk about how much a billion pennies would equal and gave out some interesting comparisons. For example: 10,017,024 pennies would weigh 31.3 tons and would build a cube that is 6 foot x 6 foot x 6 foot.

As asked members brought in different types of Canadian coins. It was discussed what proof, specimen mint etc. exactly meant by the Canadian Mint. Jim shared the official definitions as obtained from the Internet.

When will the next auction be scheduled? After much debate, it was decided that the next auction at our March 2002 meeting with possibly a second at our September 2002 meeting.


We broke at 7:50 to sell raffle tickets and had our customary raffle and membership drawings.

The meeting closed around 8:40 P.M.

Submitted by Steve H., Secretary.

Board Meeting

Doug, Jim, Don, and Mike got together at Don's Wednesday night Sept 19 at 7 PM for the monthly board meeting of the Elgin Coin Club. We bought the $10 gold and two proof Eagles for the Show Raffle and decided on the October prizes.

Submitted by board member Mike Metras

Show and Tell



[We received an email from Graeme Petterwood, secretary of the Tasmanian Numismatic Society. Graeme said he was printing the following message in the October, 2001 issue of the Tasmanian Numismatist.]

The Tasmanian Numismatic Society membership expresses its profound sympathy to all the families of those innocents lost in the recent New York and Washington DC diabolical and fanatical outrages, and those hundreds who perished as a result of the hijackers actions on board the four airliners.

To the families of the frontline troops - the fire services and police department personnel, who did their duty and put their lives on the line to try and save thousands of their fellow citizens - we also especially commend our thoughts and prayers. Terrorism will not prevail when the free world has unsung heroes such as these who are prepared to defend it with their very lives.

We of the Elgin Coin Club would like to add our condolences to the immediate and heartfelt condolences offered by the Tasmanian Numismatic Society membership as printed above. We received their words on September 12th.

Our hearts and prayers go out not only to the many dead and injured Americans but also to the hundred or so Australians, and several hundred Brits, the numerous Moslems and the many, many others from several nations. Many died immediately, but many more will die as we pursue and eliminate those who planned and executed this deed. Our hope is that we will do this clinically, striking at the cancer and leaving the healthy tissue unharmed. May the deed be done well and with expedition and may peace return soon.

NGC Grading Service
Customer Serving
Or Self Serving?

By Frank S.

I made three mistakes by choosing this company.

  1. I decided to deal with them direct. They indicated to me that they would not grade any coins unless I join their Collectors Society ($99 thrown out the window).

  2. I sent them 36 Morgan dollars for them to grade for me ($472.50 also thrown out of the window), They only graded 12 of them (33%), stating that they do not graded coins that have been cleaned. Of the 36 coins I sent them, 6 had been graded by another service of them they claim had been cleaned and the other service did not. They even refused to grade one of my coins because it had a scratch on it. No where on their submission form or information from their society was there any indication that they would keep my money any not grade my coins. Their submission form states " Coins not accepted by NGC for grading are Colonial coins (pre-1793, except 1792 half disme); Ancient coins; California fractional gold; and Proof Mint Errors."

  3. I thought they were a legitimate service and would be willing to work with me to resolve this problem. They basically told me 'too bad'.

Here are some of the excuses, lame and otherwise, they can give to avoid grading your coin:

  1. Cleaning
  2. Reverse damage
  3. Artificial color
  4. Not genuine
  5. Non eligible coin type
  6. PVC residue
  7. Environmental damage
  8. Obverse damage
  9. Artificial toning
  10. Rim filing
  11. Corrosion
  12. Altered surface
  13. Other (for which they can make up whatever reason they want).

It is my recommendation that unless you have a perfect no problem coin or are willing to give this company you're hard earned money on the off chance that they will grade your coin, definitely use another service.

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