May, 2000
Year 7, Issue 5

1st Place Outstanding Local Publication
American Numismatic Association 1995, 1996, and 1997
Second Place in the same contest in 1999

Meeting 7:30pm, Wednesday, May 3
Talk and trading 7:00-7:30pm
VFW, 1601 Weld Road, Elgin, IL
Not a member? Come and join us anyway!

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May Meeting
May Prizes
April Minutes
Board Meeting
High End Lincolns Wanted
My Final Issue
Time Table of Colonial
Some Closing Pictures
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We will have the video on paper money we did not have last month because Mike forgot to bring the TV. He will remember this month. Bring along something for show and tell. Some paper money would tie in with the theme.

May Prizes

April Minutes

ECC Meeting 508 - April 5, 1999

[Editor's note: The secretary was not at the meeting and no one else took the minutes during the meeting. I have included what I remember of the meeting. If I have not remembered important things, please bring them up at the beginning of the next meeting and the secretary will have to add them to the May minutes.]

President Doug Nelson called the meeting to order around 7:45.

Secretary's Report

I do not remember anyone mentioning this.

Treasurer's Report

The treasurer's report of the numbers in the box was accepted.

Old Business

I remember none.

New Business

I announced that I was resigning my post as editor of this Newsletter. I have been editor for 88 issues as of this one and now I have to redirect my efforts to some other projects I want to begin (a coin data base for one).

David Jones brought up the quality (rather the lack thereof) of the recent raffle prizes and asked whether we (your officers) could get some better quality prizes. Doug indicated that we have basically not been out there looking for fresh material as much as we should be. He indicated we would try to do better. [Ed. note: look at this month's prizes and the board meeting notes for our initial progress on this front.]

I think I recall a couple other new business items, but not having written them down, I no longer have them in my head.


We were supposed to have a video on paper money, but I forgot to bring the TV so we didn't. If I do not forget again, we'll do the paper money video in May.

Show and Tell

I remember only a couple of the Show and Tells. I know Don Dool showed a copper siege coin, but I do not remember the details beyond that it was square and that it might have been counterfeit.

I offered to make up for forgetting the TV by providing a bit longer Show and Tell. I had just acquired several Latin American coins of the last couple centuries. There were three 8 reales of Peru, North Peru, and South Peru, all in the mid 1830s. There was an 1880 Chilean one peso counterstamped in Guatemala in 1896 along with an 1876 version of the host coin. And then there was an 1819 2 reales of Caracas, Venezuela, and the 8 reales of Nueva Granada (Columbia). Finally, I passed around a beautiful copper 20 centavos of Uruguay with its impressive sun burst. Don Cerny has fallen madly in love with the South Peru coin of Cuzco with its volcano and SHIP.

To the others who did Show and Tells, I apologize for forgetting you. But these days, I often only do well when I have my pen and paper and record things.


Not being the record taker, I did not record the raffle winners. So to the winners congratulations! But once again your names do not go into lights this month. Sorry.

The meeting closed around 8:45.

Board Meeting

Don Cerny, Jim Davis, Doug Nelson, and Mike Metras got together April 19 at 7pm at Don's for our board meeting.

We bought some new prizes and then decided on the prizes for the month and I recorded them. We made it a point to get some better coins and to put in around $62 worth, the amount we brought in last month. We have renewed out efforts at putting out quality coins with a total value equal to what the raffle brought in the previous month. Sometimes it will be a little less, sometimes a little more. But we are listening to you and will try to improve the quality.

We also talked about order at the meetings. At times it is hard to hear the meeting over all the other bantering going on. It is not everyone, but it is enough of you to drown the meeting at times. So please, try to refrain from talking and carrying on business while we are having the official part of the club meeting. There is usually a good parcel of time before the meeting and you can always stay after the meeting to do your business and talking (several of us do--we seldom leave before ten). Would it help if the officers go back to using the microphone?

Having said the above, let's try this: If you have to talk or do business during the club meeting, please be considerate of the rest of us and conduct your talk or business in the hall or in the bar. Thanks so much.

At the same time, we would like to thank all the smokers who are continuing not to smoke during the meetings. Please realize that we non-smokers really appreciate your consideration.

Don wrote a check for $25 and sent it to the Rovelstad statue fund.

High End Lincolns Wanted

Wanted: 1909-S VDB xf/au Lincoln. Will trade 1854 half cent NGC MS64 BN and 1915 Austrian four ducat gold. See Jim Davis at the meeting.

Also wanted: 1914-D vf Lincoln. Will trade 1880-P $10 gold xf/au. See Jim Davis at the meeting.

My Final Issue

This is my final issue as editor of the Elgin Coin Club Newsletter. I have published 88 issues since my first January, 1994. The only month I missed was May, 1995, when we were in the middle of cleanup after our April house fire. I'm not leaving you.

It has been a great trip for me. I have enjoyed bringing you your minutes and some tidbits of the numismatic type month in and month out. And I have been honored to have won first place in the American Numismatic Association's Local Club Publication contest three years of five considered and second place another year (and the 1999 version is still being considered!). But the opportunity and honor to be able to bring you something you enjoy and learn from month in and month out is worth a lot more to me.

click here for enlargementI want to thank Dennis Kwaz, Jim Davis, Don Dool, and Joe and Don Cerny who have contributed to the Newsletter over the years. Thanks so much. (And if I have forgotten anyone else, thank you too.) Please continue to support whoever (Frank?) takes this over after me.

During the April meeting Frank Schlapinski indicated he would be willing to look into taking up where I have left off. Good Luck, Frank. I'll be delivering the pieces (along with my phone number) to him at the next meeting. Call whenever, Frank. You'll do quite well.

For now I'll continue to maintain the web site. I'll work with whoever takes over the Newsletter to find a way to get it onto the web. (By the way, as I write this, March and April are not there yet. I hope to have them there by the time you are reading this.)

I have filled this issue with some of the images I have printed over the years. How many do you remember?

Having said all these words for the past seven and half years and in this article, I take my leave of the newsletter. (You are not rid of me. I expect to contribute to future issues, just not to the extent required to put this out every month.)

Thanks for being such a willing, pleasant, and patient audience.

Time Table of Colonial Coins

(originally published October, 1994)

   1500     1515          1535                      1600         1620          1643 1652 1658  1667    1682       1700         1722       1737        1760   1773 1776     1800
|             |            |                                      |             |     |   |  |  |       |                        |          |           |       | |_____      |
Columbus     St.         Mexico                                Plymouth     Wampum   Mass.|  |  Pine Tree                    Rosa        Highly/     Hibernia  Virginia |     |
1492      Augustine,    City Mint                                Rock        Legal   Mint |  |                               Americana   Granby,    V. Populi  1773     |     |
             FL           Est.                                    |          Mass.        |  |                               1722-24      Conn.                         |     |
            Est.                                                Sommer              NE    |  |                                   |       Coppers                        |     |
                                                               Islands             coins  |  Wampum                           Wood's                                    |     |
                                                                Coins              Willow |  Illegal (Mass.)                  Hibernia                                  |     |
                                                                                   Tree   |    1661                           1722-24                                   |     |
                                                                                         Oak                                                                            |     |
                                                                                         Tree                                                                           |     |
                                                                                                                                                                        |     |
                                                                                                                                                                        |     |
        ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________|     |
       |                                                                                                                                                                      |
       |                                                                                                                        ______________________________________________|
       |                                                                                                                       |                                
       |                                                                                                                       |
      1776      1778      1780      1782      1784      1786      1788      1790      1792      1794      1796      1798      1800 
       |                        |          |         |   |    |                        |
      New                    North       Nova     Vermont|  Brasher                US Mint opens
   Hampshire                America  Constallatio 1785-88|  Doubloon                   |
                             Token      1783-85      |   |   1787                  Washington
  Continental                1781          |       Conn. |    |                      Tokens
    Dollar                             Chalmers   1785-88|  Mass.                   1792-95
                                        Tokens           |  1787-88
                                          1783           |    |
                                           |             |Fugio Cent
                                      Washington         |(1st official US)
                                        Tokens           |   1787
                                        1783-84         New

Some Closing Pictures

April 1999 Group

Our 500th Meeting Note

Ciao. Mike

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