Elgin Coin Club Celebrates 500th Meeting

The Elgin Coin Club celebrated its 500th meeting on August 4. After refreshments provided by member Denise McDade, member Mike Metras recounted several points of history since the club was established in 1957. Club members contributed to a display several of the tokens and memorabilia produced by the club over the years.

After the talk each person at the meeting received a souvenir, a bill honoring the meeting and good for one dollar towards club dues. The bill includes pictures and signatures of the officers and a picture of all members present at the April, 1999 meeting. The 3x7-inch bill, designed and printed by member Mike Metras, includes drawings from several obsolete bills. Members were able to buy additional copies of the limited edition bill for $2 each with proceeds going to the club treasury.

Elgin Coin Club 500th Meeting Bill Obverse
Elgin Coin Club 500th Meeting Bill Obverse

In addition, Mike Metras presented a large-sized version of the bill, printed landscape on a 8-1/2 x 11 sheet, to club president Doug Nelson. Member Mike Cerny won a second large version in a special raffle. Both of these were signed by all present at the meeting before being given away. The club is making copies of this large version available for $5. These large ones are being produced as ordered.

The club is making the bill available to anyone desiring it. For the small version, send two dollars ($2) and a stamped (33 cents) self-addressed business-sized envelop to

Elgin Coin Club
Bill offer
Box 561
South Elgin, IL 60177-0561

If you are ordering from overseas, please include sufficient return postage certificates instead of stamps on the envelop. For the large version, send $5 along with a large stamped, self-addressed envelope able to hold the 8-1/2 x 11 sized note. Please make checks payable to the Elgin Coin Club. Allow extra time for the large version as it will be printed only as orders for it arrive.

For more information about the club, visit our Elgin Coin Club web site.


Elgin Coin Club 500th Meeting Bill Reverse
Elgin Coin Club 500th Meeting Bill Reverse

Among other things, this bill includes the following elements:

The Numbers

For you who like the numbering details, here they are:

The Tools

I used the following tools to create the bills:

Mike Metras, Elgin Coin Club Editor
August 4, 1999