Sicily's Historic Coasts
The pictures

Come with me and
visit Sicily, an island
of a thousand faces.

Taormina, Mt. Etna, Lipari, Cephalú, Palermo


Taormina’s Roman theater with Mt. Etna behind.

The hills above Taormina from the theater.

Taormina’s theater from the castle above the city.

Mt. Etna

Mt. Etna from the Circumetnea Railroad.

Map of the route of the Circumetnea RR around the mountain.

People wandering at the mouth of the Valle del Bove on Etna.

People wandering at the mouth of the Valle del Bove on Etna.


Lípari harbor.

Left to right and far to near, Filicudi, Alicudi, and Salina Islands of the Aeolean Island group.

Again left to right and far to near, Stromboli, Panerea, and Lipari where I am walking. I have no picture of the only other island of the Aeolean group, Volcano.


Cefalů from La Rocca, the huge, head-like rock above the town.

Temple of Diana on La Rocca above Cefalů.

Looking east along the coast from La Rocca above Cefalů. I used this picture for the background of the back cover of Sicily's Historic Coasts.

Back in Palermo

Reusing a building in Palermo, more than once.

Palermo’s La Martorana and its Norman bell tower.

Palermo, and the rest of Sicily for that matter, love balconies.

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