Sicily's Historic Coasts
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Come with me and
visit Sicily, an island
of a thousand faces.

Segesta, Selinus, Agrigento


The temple of Segesta through what was the city gate.

The uncompleted temple of Segesta.

Another temple view.

The uncompleted interior of the Segeste temple.

The straight line of the steps that have been standing here for more than 2300 years.

Segeste temple.

The ruins of Segeste and its temple.


Temple E in Selinus.

Temple E in Selinus.

Interior of rebuilt Temple E.

Temple E in Selinus.

Temple E in Selinus.

Columns pieces of the largest temple in Selinas.

Temple ruins of Selinus.

Lone standing temple in Selinus town ruins as seen from Temple E.

Selinus temples as seen from the town site.

Ticket to enter the Selinus archeological site.


“Wheel ruts in an ancient road.” So say all the sources I have found. I don’t believe it.

Agrigento (Akagras) temple of concord.

Agrigento temple row. Notice the huge autostrada bridge in the right background.

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